Top Tips to Update your Digital Branding

There are many reasons a business might decide to update its digital branding. Perhaps the business model has shifted since launching, you’ve developed a new angle or product, or it’s simply time for a refresh. No matter the size of your business, it can be a daunting task! If you’re about to being the process, here are some top tips for updating your digital brand!

Tips to Update your Digital Branding

Take your time

Firstly, it is very common when creating a brand that you have 101 ideas. Whether you have a Pinterest board full of inspiration, a range of different colour palettes you love, or conflicting logo design ideas. We’ve all been there. Many people create a brand identity only to change it a few weeks in because they no longer like it. So the first step is to really take your time with the initial development of your new branding. It’s easy to get carried away with a design you like, but does it really represent what you do, and will you still love it a few months down the line? If you can, you could seek feedback from your audience during the planning process – they are your target clients after all!

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Create a theme, and keep it consistent

Once you’ve finalised a brand idea, remember that consistency is key. The branding and designs should not only reflect your core values as a business, but also your product or service, and your USP. Once you are certain that your branding theme is consistent, remember to ensure it is also consistent across ALL of your platforms – both digitally and off the screen. This means your website, all of your social platforms, as well as any other places you feature online, like review sites or third-party marketplaces. Finally, you need to ensure your branding is updated across company and marketing communication, both internally and externally.

Utilise online resources

Maybe you’re a ‘solopreneur’ with no branding experience? Don’t let that discourage you from creating a successful brand identity. There are tons of free and paid resources on the internet for you to utilise, regardless of your design skills or experience. From InDesign alternatives to free and paid images, videos, and fonts, you can find anything you need online. For example, a street artist looking for a digital brand update could utilise this graffiti font collection.

Be human

It is easy to get caught up in the day-to-day business tasks that you forget the number one tip for selling online. Be Human. Human’s connect with humans, not businesses, so keep this in mind throughout your digital brand update. The most successful online brands have a personal connection with their audiences. Instead of using pushy, sales communication, be authentic with your messages. Telling stories about the brand’s journey (even the downsides) can hugely develop your relationship with your audience!

Launch a supporting campaign

Finally, it is a good idea to keep your audience engaged and to spread awareness of your new branding as soon as possible. Why not create a supporting campaign or giveaway in line with your digital brand update. This not only engages your existing audience but can help you reach new clients too. Not only that, but it spreads the news of your updated branding. This will ensure that your audience will still recognise and support your business, regardless of the changes.

Final Note

Hopefully, these tips will help get you started on successfully updating your digital branding. It is a big task no matter what stage your business is at, but breaking the project down into manageable tasks can help make it easier. There are also a number of free online business resources and tools that you can use if you aren’t confident in your own skills.

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