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During the November 2020 lockdown, and feeling a little hopeless with the state of the world, my best friend and I decided to launch The Change Store. The idea was an ethical and sustainable clothing brand, which would donate the profits back to charity.

Branding and Conception

The journey began with a small idea. We took the time to research the market, potential manufacturers and platforms that we could work with. Once we knew our idea was possible, we moved onto branding.

We wanted our brand to be fun, and modern with a quirky twist – pastel colours, fun fonts and eye-catching imagery. The news, daily life and politics was bleak. We wanted our brand to bring a bit of joy to our market, whilst doing something positive for change.

Website and product development

Once we had our branding, the next stage was to develop our product range and our website. Since we were using a third party e-commerce platform, the website build was fairly straightforward. However we wanted to ensure that it was user friendly, and correctly represented the brand we had built.

Social Media

Finally, it was time to share our idea with the world, and start shouting about it. We decided to focus our attention mostly on Facebook and Instagram, since we were doing this project along full time jobs, and so didn’t want to spread ourselves too thin. Instagram was the platform where we gained the most engagement and traction, and we also set up an email subscriber list where they could be the first to know about special offers and new product launches. On Instagram, we shared a mixture of fun and inspirational, product and informative posts.

The Results

Although this was very much a feel good project rather than a side hustle, we managed to make over £1,000 in sales in the first two months, and donated over £300 to our chosen charities: Save the World Club, Young Women’s Trust and The Mental Health Foundation.

Where you can find out more:

Website: The Change Store | Sustainable Clothes for Charity (

Instagram: THE CHANGE STORE (@thechangestoreuk) • Instagram photos and videos

Facebook: The Change Store (

Medium: Change Store – Medium

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