10 Unique Ways to Use Online Content to Drive Your Business

Marketers are always striving to find new ways to attract customers. The main rule of marketing suggests that excited and engaged customers are the key to drive any business. With the advancement in technology, content marketing has emerged as one of the most influential digital marketing tools for businesses. However, to attract customers, companies should adopt content marketing strategies which are unique and can add value to their businesses. In this article, we discuss the top 10 unique ways in which you can use online content to engage with your audience and drive your business.


While it is possible to make a career out of blogging, it has many other purposes. Blogging can be used as a medium through which businesses can build great relationships with both current and prospective customers. However, the effect of a blog depends on the value of the content being provided. If the blog is engaging and informative, customers will be more likely to consider your brand while making a purchase decision. Additionally, blogs are also a great way to improve SEO and drive more traffic towards your website from search engines. To use a blog for SEO, just conduct keyword research in your field and add these keywords to your blog content.


Infographics play an important role in content marketing. The main aim of infographics is to educate and to provide useful information. As infographics usually display information on a single image, it is often very eye-catching. Through infographics, viewers can visualise data such as statistics or comparisons in a much friendlier format. Make sure that you also add a link to your infographic to attract more traffic towards your website.


With the changing digital habits of consumers, audiences are more attracted to video content now more than ever. Videos are extremely useful when brands need to quickly grab an audience’s attention and engage with them. Based on your target audience, focus on creating engaging videos which are centred around their interests in relation to your products or services.


To make your customers feel valued, send personalised emails to them. Whether it is a seasonal greeting or an exclusive offer, sending personalised content through email will help establish an emotional bond. Making separate email lists catering to the specific needs and purchasing habits is another great idea. This method will allow you to present bespoke campaigns to boost sales.

Customer Feedback

Another way to drive more business through online content is by sharing customer feedback with prospective clients. Before making a purchase decision, consumers check for online reviews and suggestions of a brand. Thus, feedback in which customers illustrate the benefits of using your products or services can help gain the attention and trust of potential customers. Additionally, consumers will get to learn about the features of your products, and how your business will add value to their lives.


Creating an eBook which focusses on the challenges and needs of your target audience is another great form of content. Through your eBook, you can offer them solutions based on the insights of your products. This way, you can build a relationship with your audience and gradually gain their trust so they come to you to make a purchase. In offering an e-Book, you can also start to build a good quality list of subscribers.

White Papers

Similar to eBooks, white papers are another method of long-form content marketing. However, compared to eBooks, white papers focus on information, details and data. White papers work best for small businesses that wish to build leadership and credibility within their niche. For maximum results, ensure that this content is gated, encouraging readers to subscribe in order to gain access. This will give you an engaged audience list which you can utilise in future marketing.


Another unique form of content marketing is creating checklists to support blog posts or articles on your website. As checklists are easy to create and promote, they can strengthen your relationship with customers and can act as a great content asset for your business. It will provide your audience with valuable, actionable content that is likely to be shared across social media.

Articles and News Stories

If you have a solid budget, get in touch with public relations specialists to create professional stories related to your brand and products. Online content published through such sources will increase your chances of being noticed. Additionally, circulating your news stories in major publications could encourage international coverage, in turn bringing more web traffic. News stories also help your business to be identified as trustworthy and reliable.

Online Press Releases 

Another way of using online content is through press releases. Press releases allow you to communicate your brand and product information to your audience in a more formal setting. Press releases also allow bloggers, newspapers and other media sources to share your information and write posts about your business with minimal effort on your part.

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