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During 2021, I launched a podcast with a co-host, all about the modern world of dating in the capital city (London). I had no prior experience in podcasting, and whilst it began as a hobby and something fun to try, I soon learned valuable experience in the area and realised that it was something I would love to pursue from a career perspective.


Once we had come up with a tongue-in-cheek name for our podcast, combining the Cardi B’s song of 2020 ‘WAP’ and a phrase commonly associated with London’s underground system, we worked on the branding for Mind the WAP.

We knew that the majority of listeners would be females, and so we wanted our brand to represent the fun and girly side of being a single female. Pink was our focus colour, and we used fun and edgy fonts throughout our content to maintain consistency. We created our own version of TFLs roundel in our own colours as our iconic logo which echoed our brand name.


Once we had our branding, I worked on designing and developing our website. This was done by myself with no external help from a developer. We needed a simple website that was easy to navigate, represented our brand and allowed our podcast to be discoverable on search engines.


In order to be found organically on search engines, I conducted keyword research and implemented technical and on-site SEO tactics across our website. Within 3 months we were ranking on page 1 of google for the keywords ‘London Dating Podcast’:

Social Media Marketing

Again, it was crucial for our branding to remain consistent across our social channels. Instead of spreading ourselves thin, we identified that the majority of our listeners are active on primarily three platforms: Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. Therefore Instagram and TikTok received most of our attention, followed with Twitter as a supporting platform.

We created and curated relatable and engaging content that our listeners can relate to and enjoy, and therefore share to their own stories or with their friends, thus expanding our reach organically. TikTok has been huge in the last two years, with its growth in popularity growing incredibly among millennials and Gen-Z – exactly who our listeners are. Therefore we new we had to have a presence on this platform. By quickly hopping onto trends, trending sounds and popular videos, one of our videos was able to go ‘viral’ gaining over 79.1k views and 10.2k likes.

Podcast Production and Distribution

The main task of this project was of course, creating the podcast itself! This involved coming up with episode content ideas, producing rough scripts, setting up equipment and recording the episodes.

Post-recording, I then edited the episodes in a software called audacity, created sound bites to share on social media, wrote compelling episode descriptions and titles, and distributed the episodes through anchor.

When the initial episode launched, I distributed the podcast across multiple channels including Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Google Podcasts, Deezer, Stitcher and more. We continued to monitor analytics through the platform dashboard, where we could analyse the data to discover more about our listeners and what they were enjoying.


Without any paid marketing, and having only released 12 episodes (the last of which was released in January), we have had over 2,000 listeners in 43 countries (and counting). We also featured in the top 20 dating podcasts in the Philippines.

Where you can find out more:

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