Top 10 Advantages of a Female Workforce

The growing importance of having a diverse workforce has resulted in an increase in the female workforce all over the world. We can see a significant increase in a female employment in almost every occupational sector. The willingness and confidence with which women have taken over the professional world have broken all stereotypes related to a male-dominated workplace.

Recently, the Office for National Statistics stated that the percentage of working women in the UK between the ages 16-64 has now reached to 71.2% as compared to 52.7% in 1971.

Women can bring feminine skills such as intuition, empathy and optimism to the workplace. Many employers believe that these skills contribute towards building a strong workplace relationship. Not only that, but they also help companies in efficiently achieving their business goals. The accommodating nature of women, their emotional intelligence and passion create a healthy work environment.

A diverse workforce

Many organisations have witnessed the benefits of having a diverse workforce. The different backgrounds and experiences of men and women are reflected in their approach towards business activities. When men and women collaborate at a workplace, they produce creativity and promote innovative ideas which push organisations forward.

Well-rounded workforce

Women are known to be more sensitive, intuitional and emotional as compared to men. This helps them easily understand body language, verbal cues, unspoken words and emotions. While men tend to lack such qualities, women are able to address and resolve any tensions or problems in the workplace. Additionally, as compared to men, women have multidimensional interests. A female workforce can bring new topics of discussion in the office. This makes it easier for people to interact with each other and also enables other employees to share their views.

Healthy work-life balance

Women are often known to surpass men when it comes to build and maintain a healthy work-life balance. The grace with which women take care of their family and kids while exceptionally performing their duties at work is truly commendable. As women from all age groups understand the value of participating in events other than work-related activities, they master the art of balancing their personal and professional lives. Unlike men, women give equal importance to their lives beyond the office and thus tend to be more happy and productive at the workplace.

Strong communication and networking skills

Generally, women are known to possess stronger communication and networking skills as compared to men. Being careful listeners, women keenly understand their colleague’s viewpoints and accordingly share ideas to encourage teamwork. They respond more effectively to any sort of verbal or visual communication and hence significantly add advantage to any group or one-to-one meetings. Since women are also better at taking turns in conversation, they efficiently share combined knowledge, ideas and advice in any group conversation. These collaborative efforts of a female workforce greatly benefit organisations to get the best business solutions.

Strong team spirit

Women are famous for understanding the value of relationships and are also better at analysing problems and difficult situations. When women bring these qualities to a workplace, they emphasise towards team-building and take collaborative efforts for the benefit of an organisation. These skills also help women in efficiently managing a team and guiding the team-members towards their professional growth. The patience with which women hear other’s problems and the compassion they show towards other staff, help women boost their colleague’s productivity.


Being natural nurturers and givers, it is easier for women to encourage their team member and help them prosper as an efficient employee. As women have a tendency to behave in a friendly and generous way, they ensure that everyone around them is all right. Additionally, women try to build a friendly and open environment at work for everybody. Their inspiring and motivating nature brings a sense of motivation among other employees as well.

A happier and calmer workplace

Women are more tolerant and calm than men. They remain more composed while dealing with a difficult situation or any fundamental change. As every work environment involves its own set of complexities and tensions, women who are usually calmer and less aggressive can better handle difficult situations as compared to men. With their positive nature, women easily understand complex situations and provide optimistic solutions for any diverse situation at the workplace. Thus, they make the organisation a happier and calmer place for all.

Better consumer insights

As women are more inclined towards shopping and making purchase decisions, they become greater consumers than men. When an organisation’s hire men and women they get to learn about the different purchasing habits of both. Moreover, they also get to know about the kind of customer service and communication which men and women consumers prefer. This makes it easier for brands to design products and services keeping the different consumer demands in mind.

Strong ethics

Most of the women are unbiased while dealing with situations and doing any kind of work. They also have a good understanding of right and wrong. When women join an organisation, they give their best and fairly complete each job. This establishes a fair play within the organisation. Businesses with a considerable female workforce have also reported of lesser incidents of unethical practices at the workplace.

Better team building

Women possess good leadership and team-building qualities. Female executives at management or leadership positions use their listening and relationship building skills to lead their teams. They also make others feel that their efforts and contributions have been valued. Furthermore, women make sure that there is a free flow of ideas and information throughout the department. This encourages team members to give their best and work together towards a common goal. 

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