Choose the Right Influencer for Your Marketing Campaign

Influencer marketing is essential for targeting habitual social media users, most notably young adults. Highlighting this, the total value of the influencer marketing market is set to reach $13.8 in 2021. However, with the recent emergence of unique social media platforms such as Clubhouse, the choice of which influencer you should hire is becoming more and more difficult. We’ve prepared a short list of questions you should ask before settling on a social media personality.

How Does the Influencer Appeal to Their Audience?

Try to think of influencers as actors with specific well-known public personas. For example, XQC, a popular Twitch streamer, typically focuses on being controversial and generating ‘loud’ headlines to boost his popularity. Other influencers, on the other hand, may choose to emphasise being more down-to-earth and authentic.

The personas attached to different influencers should determine whether they would be a good fit for your marketing campaign. Does your brand appeal to family values? You may want to hire a small-scale Instagram influencer focusing on informative posts and videos. Is your campaign focused on something energetic and youthful? Contacting a cheerful YouTube fitness coach may be your best bet.

What Audiences Typically Follow the Influencer’s Accounts?

Continuing the above theme, each influencer typically appeals to a narrowly-defined target audiences. XQC, for instance, generally focuses on young adults and teenagers while other Twitch streamers may appeal to artists, fashion enthusiasts or video game fans. Sometimes, however, the audiences targeted by influencers can be disconnected from their personas and messages.

As an illustration, influencers producing ASMR content have found unexpected success among younger audiences by allowing teenagers and young adults to unwind without leaving the digital space. Leveraging such unexpected connections as marketing opportunities may be just the thing you need to boost the success of your digital marketing communications.

How Does the Public React to Your Influencer?

If you want to ensure the best possible fit between an influencer and your brand, it may be beneficial to do a bit of secondary research. Influencers constitute a distinct type of celebrities that generate conversations and elicit strong emotional responses from users. You can always try to determine what the public actually thinks about your chosen influencer before contacting them with a partnership offer.

For example, if you want an influencer to promote a beauty- or a fitness-related product, you could always check the r/InstagramReality sub-reddit. This forums discusses whether your possible marketing partner has ever photoshopped their photos to an extent that their efforts were noticed by the end consumers. If your influencer has a reputation for being authentic, they should be a great asset to any marketing campaign.

If you stay vigilant and do your research, you should be able to find reliable and authentic social media personas that should boost the success of any marketing campaign. Keeping the above questions in mind should definitely help in ensuring that your chosen influencer will constitute an effective marketing partner.

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