How to Turn Your Blog into a Sustainable Career

An individual blog is a perfect channel to express your opinion and way of thinking online. Over the past decade, blogs have become the leading instrument for sharing ideas all around the world. Most recognised opinion leaders regardless of their niche or field have own blogs. So, it is quite natural that a blog can also be the foundation to start your own business and a source of regular income. Below are some brief recommendations on how to turn your blog into a sustainable career.

Select an Appropriate Niche 

Selecting an appropriate niche is the first step towards designing a viable monetisation plan for your blog. If you select an interesting and demanded theme, you will be able to attract readers’ attention and your audience will be quickly growing. Building a positive and reliable image, in turn, will help to gather support through donations and crowdfunding. The success of crowdfunding projects is to a considerable degree determined by the match between the business owner’s online image and the selected niche.

Build Credibility

Blogs provide information that is not generally available through mass media channels such as newspapers, radio and TV broadcasting. So, you have to sound credible even though you refer to your own experience and knowledge. Building your blog as a sustainable career involves sharing only reliable and trustworthy content with your readers. This means that you cannot select a blogging niche where you have not acquired profound knowledge and you cannot afford sharing superficial knowledge. Including testimonials and other kinds of social proof can contribute to improving the trustworthiness of your brand.

Learn Affiliate Marketing

The main source of income for many professional bloggers is affiliate marketing. The idea of affiliate marketing is in returning to a blogger a share of the sales revenue generated by their blog. Affiliate marketing is said to generate an annual growth of 10% and be responsible for 16% of the global e-commerce sales. Advertisers also prefer affiliate marketing to conventional online advertising, as it limits the waste of dollars spent on marketing. Moreover, ads are delivered directly to targeted audience, and the overall efficiency can be easily calculated relying on conversion rates. Learning affiliate marketing and promoting suitable products that offer good returns or commission will help you to turn your blog from a hobby into a dynamic career.

Create an Email List

Regular visitors to your blog are more valuable than random internet surfers. Creating a list or database of followers is a key to turning your blog into a sustainable career. You can start with an email list of your regular visitors or subscribers. Emails are still a cost-efficient way to deliver special offers to your customers. Emails are perceived as a ‘mild’ way of communication, especially if they are sent from a ‘no-reply’ address.

Focus on Multiple Channels

In addition to advertising and affiliate marketing links published on your website, you can focus on other channels that allow for making money from your blog. Transforming your blog content into videos and sharing them on YouTube can significantly increase your reach and diversify your revenue stream. Indeed, becoming an influencer in your niche and sharing relevant content through multiple social media channels including Instagram will lead you to stable income. Just bear in mind that promotion on social media will require additional investment and time.

Be Consistent and Don’t Give up

Consistency and every-day efforts are critical for becoming a professional blogger. If you demonstrate stability, you will acquire many loyal and committed readers. At the same time, you should not repeat the same thing more than three times if it has stopped working. Monitor your visitor traffic, analyse blog statistics and surprise your audience.

Keep Learning

Internet marketing is evolving every day. It is almost impossible to bring your blog onto the first page of Google search results without posting top quality content. Hence, keep learning about the most recent innovations in your niche as well as keep yourself informed the newest marketing tricks. Such new technologies as machine learning are also altering the way in which internet marketers promote websites. Learning is always vitals if you are interested in professional blogging.

Without an efficient monetisation strategy, you will not be able to turn your blog into a sustainable career. Find your ‘USP’ and you will be able to achieve success regardless of severe competition. Remember, hard work and consistency are the two factors that will guarantee your growth as a professional blogger.

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