8 FREE Resources for Starting a Business

Starting a business is an exciting, but overwhelming project. It is easy to get carried away with the long term vision, rather than tackling small, important tasks from the start. Naturally, there is a lot involved to get your new venture off the ground. Luckily, there are so many free resources out there to help get your business started. Below are some of our favourite FREE resources you need to utilise for your start-up.

free business resources

Our Favourite Free Business Resources

Trello – Project Management

Trello is an excellent project management tool that can be used for a whole host of different tasks. You can create boards for different projects, as well as adding teams, due dates, milestones, attachments, and much more. It’s a great platform to get all your ideas and to-do’s in one place, to help manage your workflow in getting your business up and running. It also makes it really easy to visualise what has been done, and what is left to do.

Beaver Builder – Website Development

Nowadays, businesses simply must have a website if you want to attract or sell to clients online. Not only that, but you have to have a GREAT website to stand out from the competition. Creating a website is often the part which holds people back from starting their own business. Whether it’s down to lack of experience or the cost involved. Luckily, plugins such as Beaver Builder make it really easy for anyone to get a website up and running in no time at all. Their drag and drop functionality means that you don’t need to be an expert at coding to create a flawless, professional website.

Mailchimp – Marketing

Mailchimp is one of our number one recommended free resources for anyone who is starting a business. It can be easily integrated into your website as a sign up form, to capture potential clients email addresses, allowing you to remarket to them in the future. This is one of the things you should look to incorporate right from the start, as it will make such a difference further down the line. Mailchimp’s free plan allows you to build an audience of up to 2,000 subscribers! You can also create email newsletters, beautiful landing pages, and more. 

Copy.AI – Website and More

If writing is not your strength, no need to panic. Copy.ai is a genius artificial intelligence platform that helps you to create website copy and more, for free. You can get a 7 day free trial which is plenty to sign up and start creating great copy for your website, social platforms, blog and marketing content. 

Termly.io – Legal

Similar to copy.ai, termly is another artificial intelligence software that helps you create the legal bits needed for your business. You can use Termly to generate terms and conditions, agreements, privacy policies and more. This helps you get a solid legal foundation for your website, without having to pay for a legal advisor, or learn the legal terms yourself. 

Canva – Marketing

Creating beautiful content no longer requires you to be an expert at photoshop. Canva is an amazing online tool which helps you to produce high quality social media content, business cards, logos, presentations and much, much more. There is a huge collection of free templates, elements and other features which you can use, regardless of whether you’re creating a logo, a sales presentation or Instagram ads. 

Unsplash and Pexels – Website, Marketing and more

Going hand in hand with Canva to make your content creation even easier, are two websites: Unsplash, and Pexels. These are websites offering free, high-quality stock photos. You can find images for just about anything here, and even better, they are totally free to use. 

G-Suite – a little bit of everything 

The holy-grail of free business resources, simply has to be G-suite. The paid version means you can set up a professional email address, but even using G-site for personal use will grant you access to all of the tools you will need. G-Suite provides you with all of the following:

Gmail – an easy to use mailbox

Drive – a useful, free, cloud storage space for all your files

Docs, Slides and Sheets – the Google equivalent of Microsoft word, powerpoint and excel, stored on the cloud for easy access

Analytics – a platform where you can monitor website traffic

Search Console – for SEO purposes, search console will help you analyse how people are finding your website, how you rank in search engines, and any technical issues with your website

Keyword Planner – Search for keyword trends within your niche to help you generate great content ideas, focus keywords for SEO and much more. 

Ads – A platform where you can manage any paid advertising on Google. 

All of these tools are completely free to use and are so useful for keeping everything all in one, easily accessible place. Not only that, but the tools like analytics, search console and keyword planner are extremely useful when it comes to marketing and SEO for your business. These are only a handful of the tools available from G-suite, there are many others that are also very useful for anyone starting a business. 

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